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The International Surf Therapy Organization (ISTO) promotes understanding, shares best practices and advocates excellence in Surf Therapy. ISTO provides more people access to safe surf therapy programs globally, establishing surf therapy as a standard form of care.



WSF is proud to be sponsored by the Sharkbanz Midnight Bimini band. Want to donate? Head over to and use promo code WARRIOR to save $5. A portion of all sales goes towards achieving our mission of promoting physical and mental wellbeing for Veterans and their families.

“Sharkbanz increases our ability to minimize potential risks inherent to the sport of surfing. We are always looking for ways to enhance safety for our participants and the Warrior Surf Community.  I know from my own journey that minimizing risks improves participation, enabling surfers to experience the full healing power of the ocean. When our Veterans served, they were provided with every possible safety measure. It just makes sense to continue to provide protection for those who risked everything for our country.” -Andy Manzi, Executive Director/Founder

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Prior to founding Isla Surf School, Peter worked and managed Nantucket Surfari and Locals Surf School in the northeast for many years. After graduating from The College of Charleston in 2014, he worked as a private surf instructor in Costa Rica, and traveled the world in pursuit of perfect waves and unique cultures. Peter witnessed some of the best and some of the worst surf schools during his travels, and cultivated an idea of what a high end surf school should look like. Peter founded Isla Surf School in 2015 with the goal of providing Charleston and Folly Beach with a genuine surf experience and variety of packages suitable for all levels and ages. With his background and passion for the sport, Peter has established Isla as Charleston's leading surf school.

Isla is also a strong believer in bettering our community. From the little stuff like beach clean-up, to work with nonprofit partners, bettering the community through the power of surfing is very important to Isla.



The Vantage Point Foundation offers a reflective, results-focused transition course combined with individual and group counseling, along with one year of follow-up support through one-on-one mentoring to all veterans (free-of-charge in the South Carolina region).

The founding board members of the Vantage Point Foundation have over 20 years of combined experience supporting post-9/11 Marines and Navy Corpsman in their transitions throughout the functions of the District Injured Support Coordinator (DISC) with the Marine Corps’ Wounded Warrior Regiment and the Navy Marine Corps Relief Society Combat Casualty Visiting Nurse Program (CCVN).

In 2012, both programs partnered with the FOCUS Marines Foundation, based outside St. Louis, MO. This partnership has enabled them to refer Marines and Sailors throughout the U.S. to the 7-day course offered by FOCUS. The FOCUS Program has two main components- personal transformation and vocational assistance. Participants are challenged to see their lives in new ways – helping them set goals, get out of the victim mindset and take responsibility for their lives and actions.



Groundswell Community Project is a non-profit organization that offers surf therapy for self identifying women overcoming various forms of trauma and it’s effects. With home roots in San Diego, California and branches that extend across the globe, GSC is a transformational community of surfsisters who provide intersectional, brave, and safe spaces for all self-identifying women to find their unique healing, community, and power in the waves of Mother Ocean.

Groundswell Community Project serves women who are overcoming abuse, trauma, addiction, trafficking, self doubt, depression, anxiety, and displacement. Women find the org through their community centers, homeless shelters, addiction recovery homes, therapist referrals, eating disorder clinics, refugee services, and loving friends that want to see them shine their true beauty and strength into the world.



We are an all US Veteran Ocean Rowing Team who competes in the Talisker Whisky Atlantic Challenge annually and will add more races when appropriate. We strive to
become a sustainable outreach program that builds strategic partnerships with established veteran organizations. We aim to become a national brand that highlights Veteran issues related to PTS(D), TBI, and reintegration from military service and bring attention to the organizations that successfully treat these Veterans through community collaboration



With the addition of a yoga program in 2019, WSF is excited to be working with such a great, local family-owned company. Yoloha not only provides WSF with yoga mats and props for class, they’ve also donated their beautiful studio space for our weekly yoga practice. Whether your a local to Charleston, or looking for a new yoga mat, you should check them out!

Yoloha Yoga creates unique yoga mats and yoga accessories made with sustainable cork. Cork provides a stable, non-slip surface that increases grip when wet, and is an antimicrobial surface that's easy to keep clean. You can find out more at  Yoloha also has a yoga studio located on James Island, SC. More information can be found at

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