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WSF strives to provide a holistic approach toward mental and emotional wellness. Our program works to help vets deal with the various traumas that can occur as a result of combat service. Learn more about our approach and discover how each element aides in the recovery and healing process.  



One wave at a time.

Surfing was famously described as the “Sport of Kings” by Jack London when initially introduced to the western world. However, a more accurate interpretation of surfing’s origin and history in ancient Polynesia demonstrates that in reality, surfing is the Sport of Warriors. The Surf Ops component of the Warrior Surf Program aims to perpetuate this original spirit of surfing by encouraging our participants to grow, overcome challenges and conquer fears during their surfing experience. We believe that the powerful combination of mastering a challenging sport, submersion in the ocean and nature, and connection with a like-minded community serves to invigorate, encourage, and uplift all of those who participate.


Our 12-week long program provides the opportunity for up to three surf lessons per week, along with many additional opportunities for engagement in the surfing experience. The goal of Surf Ops is to support every participant in the development of the surfing skills, competency, safety, etiquette, and ocean-knowledge necessary to surf unassisted and independently by the end of the 12-week program. After completion of this program, we encourage participants to continue surfing wherever home is for them, and to continue engaging and surfing with the WSF community


Calming the war within.

The WSF Wellness Program offers nine module-style sessions to Veterans, active duty service members, and their immediate families. Our curriculum was developed by a clinical psychologist to help participants live a life aligned with their values. Each session draws upon evidence-based research to enable participants to learn and practice new skills to help them cope with various situations, build stronger relationships, and make better decisions. While our program isn’t therapy, the benefits of participating can be quite therapeutic! 


Our goal in our wellness program is to offer new ways of thinking about situations to produce different, and better, results. Participants are paired with a wellness coach to work through the modules one-on-one, learn how to recognize unhelpful thoughts and behaviors. Using evolutionary psychology and cognitive tactics, participants gain a deeper understanding of where automatic responses come from and learn more adaptive ways of responding.




The WSF Yoga Program not only provides numerous physical benefits (increased flexibility, mobility, better balance, and relief of physical pain) and mental benefits (present moment focus, relief of stress and anxiety, and mental clarity), but the practice of yoga and meditation creates incredible shifts in our Veterans by empowering them to connect with and be the best version of themselves. 


Overall well being is something that is not easily achieved. It takes commitment, effort, the right mindset, and continuous work. The variety of yoga classes and mindfulness tools we provide our participants encourages connecting with the breath, self-exploration, and connecting with intuition - a concept that seems foreign to most Veterans. Practicing in community with other Veterans and like-minded individuals is impactful. Mindsets begin to shift and through surf, wellness, yoga, and a strong sense of community. Warrior Surf Foundation empowers Veterans to change their mindset and take charge of their lives.

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