Founded on Folly Beach, South Carolina in May 2015 by American combat Veterans and surfers, the WSF addresses post-service transition challenges such as Post Traumatic Stress, Moral Injury, Survivor's Guilt, and TBI. 


Through the Warrior Surf Foundation’s surf therapy program, we strive to enhance the psychological and physical well-being of Veterans, active duty service members, and their families through the experience of surfing.

The primary emphasis of the surf therapy program is on the provision of adaptive surf instruction through both small (2-5 person) and large (15 person) group surf clinics. After each surf session, there is a group processing component which emphasizes the use of mindfulness and related positive psychology strategies. When the weather is not conducive to surfing, stand up paddle boarding sessions are offered in its place.

All participants have the opportunity to participate in individual wellness coaching sessions with the program’s Licensed Independent Social Worker. These sessions are held on the beach and follow the group processing portion of the clinic.

Program participants also have the opportunity to participate in weekly yoga group classes. While this offering is optional, it is highly encouraged, as there are many physical and mental benefits.

Participants who successfully complete a 12-week surf therapy clinic are given the opportunity to serve as mentors to incoming participants (and to receive training in behavioral health awareness including stress management, active listening, and suicide awareness).

The program’s wellness philosophy follows a positive psychology model. In accordance with that model, the following goals are identified to:

  • Enhance emotional engagement through the participation in enjoyable, rewarding, and challenging activities such as surfing, paddle boarding, and yoga

  • Provide opportunities for accomplishment and mastery of new skills through adaptive sports and alternative ways of thinking

  • Facilitate an increased sense of belonging and connection with others through group surf clinics and peer mentoring

  • Improve emotional regulation and distress tolerance skills through the practice of mindfulness inherent in surfing and yoga




  • IMPROVes Emotional Regulation, sleep, Problem Solving Skills, and Frustration Management

  • Enhanced Interpersonal Communication and mood 

  • Increased SelF Esteem and physical fitness

  • Creates non-battlefield bonds


Founded on Folly Beach, South Carolina in May 2015 by American combat Veterans and surfers, the Warrior Surf Foundation provides FREE surf instruction and wellness coaching to Veterans.

While the small group surf lessons provide an opportunity for more individualized surf instruction, the larger group sessions provide greater opportunities for socialization, team-building, family participation, and improved interpersonal communication skills.

Our program is available to Veterans / active service members with psychological and/or physical disabilities. Psychological disabilities include, but are not limited to, Post-Traumatic Stress Disorder, Major Depressive Disorder, and related mood or anxiety disorders, as well as post-service transition challenges, moral injury, survivor's guilt, and TBI. Physical disabilities include, but are not limited to, spinal cord injuries, traumatic brain injuries, and physical amputation.