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WSF March Family Day

Join us on March 25th for the first WSF Family Day

Warrior Surf will hold its first Family Day on March 25th at 9am on Folly Beach. We will have a morning full of fun, consisting of optional surf lessons and family-inclusive activities, followed by time to enjoy lunch together. Due to an incredible response from our community, we have closed registration for this event at this time. If you were unable to register for this event but would like to attend our next Family Day in April, email


Why are we doing family days? Research shows that veteran families often experience unique stressors, including changing family dynamics, shifts in roles and responsibilities, and coping with the lasting effects of military service. These stressors can cause an increase in tension among family members leading to less effective communication, coping skills, and resiliency skills within the family. Over the last few years, the Department of Defense and the VA Healthcare system have begun to advocate for more family centered care to help families strengthen bonds and overcome these challenges. At WSF, we believe that our program has the ability to embrace this new model of care, and in 2023 we want to grow our WSF family by embracing the families of the veterans already in our community. Keep an eye out for details about our upcoming April Family Day and other family focused events through this year's surf season.


If you have any questions, please contact MUSC Capstone student Caroline Ward at or Wellness Director Jessica DePaoili at


We look forward to seeing you and your family on the beach!

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