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TEDX Charleston

Warrior Surf Executive Director among diverse group of speakers at TEDxCharleston

We at Warrior Surf are thrilled to announce that our very own Executive Director, Stephanie Dasher, has been chosen as a speaker for the 2023 @TEDxCharleston on March 29.

Stephanie says, "As I continue to prepare to speak at TEDx Charleston, I'm overwhelmed by the community's support. Not for me, but for the power of Surf Therapy. If you've ever wondered what goes into a TED talk, all of the speakers preparing to present on March 29th are putting in a tremendous amount of work to deliver a noteworthy experience. It is thanks to the TEDx Charleston leadership and coaches who put in so much to steward each speaker that small but powerful ideas can become something big and noteworthy. I hope you join all of us to hear some truly big ideas!"

If you're interested in supporting Stephanie as she talks on the theme of Re-Emerge, head to to purchase tickets.

Other speakers at this event will include Alex Pelbath, a 20+ year Air Force veteran who piloted the last American C-17 aircraft to evacuate military personnel and civilians from Afghanistan; Alejandro Spiotta, who uses mindfulness and deep focus to perform neurosurgery; and Ashley Hink, a trauma surgeon who believes healthcare systems can work in communities to break cycles of violence.

“Following an unprecedented time over the last two+ years, we are slowly but surely re-emerging to a brave new world, fraught with new challenges and risks, but full of opportunities. Creativity, innovation and thoughtfulness are all needed to deal with this new reality. We’ll explore many important and inspiring ideas in our 2023 TEDxCharleston event, appropriately themed ‘Re-Emerge.’”-TEDX Charleston

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