Wellness coaching

We provide individualized coaching sessions that focus on unique and specific resiliency measures tailored to each Veteran / active duty military member. Our wellness program is developed and overseen by our Licensed Independent Clinical Social Worker.


To complement and enhance our Surf Therapy program, we began offering yoga classes in the Summer of 2018. Our yoga program is tailored specifically for Veterans and their families and focuses on mindfulness and overall well-being. Yoga allows participants to show up for surf clinics with a focused and open mind, enhanced mobility, and the willingness to dive even deeper into the present moment - one wave at a time.

Paddle Boarding 

In addition to our Surf Therapy Program we offer stand-up paddle boarding. Paddle boarding allows us to continue to offer our services in instances where surfing is not possible or safe. Like our Surf Therapy program, our stand-up paddle boarding program focuses on positive psychology and resiliency... plus, it's fun!



“ Though surfing can be an exciting and fun experience, the implications for positive psychological impacts are far ranging. The emotional, psychological, and physical benefits of our program are powerful components to a veteran's healing.”
- Andy Manzi, Founder/Executive Director