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Interview with Kate Moon

Learn more about local yoga teacher Kate Moon, her yoga journey, and what drew her to Warrior Surf

Warrior Surf Foundation is grateful for Kate Moon of Kate Moon Yoga. Not only has Kate been a huge support to our organization through her monthly offering of restorative yoga and sound therapy classes, she has also graciously gifted one of our veterans a scholarship to her 200-hour yoga teacher training coming up this year. Can you say, wow?

Learn more about Kate, her yoga journey, and what drew her to Warrior Surf in our interview with her and be sure to check out one of her classes. For her teaching schedule, visit



  • What sparked your yoga journey?

 I took my first in studio yoga class in 2014 just having moved to Charleston after living in a long term drug/alcohol rehabilitation home. After spending years disconnected and numb in my own body and mind, I found myself in the midst of getting lost (quite literally had no idea what I was doing) in asana, breath, and sweat, in a room full of other students. It felt like an explosion of mind, body and spirit as I came alive for the first time in many years. It was like I broke down to break wide open and in that moment, I knew that yoga was a path to healing for me. As I learned more about yoga and more about the journey of recovery - I became aware of how connected the two programs and paths were; aiming to walk you home to yourself with more awareness, love, and acceptance. It was an epiphany of truths and of safety for me and how I wanted to live my life, so I kept digging into it, and I continue to dig daily.

  • How would you describe your yoga style and what do you bring to the Charleston yoga community?

 My yoga style is funky :) and it changes as I learn and grow in this practice constantly. The community shows up big for my creative vinyasa classes which are a blend of traditional and non-traditional yoga poses, mobility work, strength building movements, deep stretch, breathwork and stillness. I take inspiration from all types of movement that I find at the gym, in barre, pilates, martial arts - anything and everything goes for me if it feels intentional for what we are aiming to achieve in a class. I like to keep people on their toes and remind them of their inherent strength. I also LOVE teaching a long, yummy yin yoga class - my body and mind always crave it. 

  • What drew you to support Warrior Surf? 

I was introduced to Warrior Surf about 4-5 years ago through a friend involved with the organization who was also sober. I loved the community and activity it gave him to aid in his recovery with drugs and alcohol and in being a veteran. Since then, I have watched a family member become deeply rooted in WSF and he has transformed in so many ways. From the outside looking in, it was like watching someone see color for the first time. The awareness, happiness, and love for his life elevated his entire being. I knew I had to give back to an organization that gave him, and others, so much. 

  • Any additional words you would like to share with the Warrior Surf Community?

Honestly, it's just an honor to be able to walk and move alongside such a powerful group of humans. 

You know...we all have a story and we are all on a journey of healing individually and collectively, and I believe so deeply in the power of community and what it can do for us on a cellular level. The more we can collide our intentional communities, I think the stronger we are. They say, "If you want to go fast, go alone. If you want to go far, go together."

So, together, we have forever to go.

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