The Vantage Point Foundation offers a reflective, results-focused transition course combined with individual and group counseling, and one year of follow-up support through one-on-one mentoring to all veterans, free-of-charge in the South Carolina region.

The founding board members of the Vantage Point Foundation have over 20 years of combined experience supporting post 9/11 Marines and Navy Corpsman in their transitions throughout the functions of the District Injured Support Coordinator (DISC) with the Marine Corps’ Wounded Warrior Regiment and the Navy Marine Corps Relief Society Combat Casualty Visiting Nurse Program (CCVN).

In 2012, both programs partnered with the FOCUS Marines Foundation based outside St. Louis, MO. This partnership has enabled them to refer Marines and Sailors throughout the United States to the 7-day course offered by FOCUS. The FOCUS Program has two main components – personal transformation and vocational assistance. Participants are challenged to see their lives in new ways – helping them set goals, get out of the victim mindset and take responsibility for their lives and actions. This new perspective encourages the veterans to be open to seeking treatment, pursuing educational/employment opportunities and becoming involved in their communities.

Multiple VA personnel have seen the success in their work and have asked if the FOCUS Program, CCVN or DISC program is available for other branches of service and unfortunately the answer is no. All three programs have primarily focused on Marines and Sailors. Realizing there is a great need for more, the founding board members along with a few others who work closely with them have come together with the permission of the FOCUS Marines Foundation to conduct a similar course for all branches of service throughout South Carolina, western North Carolina, and eastern Georgia.